Distributor of Castrol Industry Oil in Jakarta

PT. Multidaya Prima Lestari is a company engaged in the field of distributors / suppliers of industrial lubricating oils for CASTROL Brands, Castrol is the world's leading manufacturer, distributor and marketer for premium lubricants, greases and related services for customers from automotive, industrial, marine, aviation oil exploration and production throughout the world. Its head office is in the UK and operates directly in more than 46 countries all types of items and types ranging from: Solube Cutting Oils, Neat Cutting Oils, Metal Stampings & Forming Oils, Quenching Oils, Rust Preventive Oils, Cleaners, Edm Fluid, Gas Engine Oils , Diesel Engine Oils, Transsmision Fluid, Hydraulic Oils, Heat Transfer Oils, Turbine Oils, Gear Oils, Synthetic Gear Oils, Compressor Oils, Synthetic Compressor Oils, Grease. For all lubricant needs such as product information and reservations, contact us at "WE CARE OUR CUSTOMER, HELP YOU NEED"


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