FYRQUELFyrquel® EH series fluids are ISO 46 viscosity grade triaryl phosphate ester type self-extinguishing hydraulic fluids designed for steam turbine electro-hydraulic control system application. Visit to view a short video demonstration of the self-extinguishing fire safety advantage of Phosphate Ester type fluids. This unique self-extinguishing property of phosphate ester fluids is the mainreason that only phosphate ester fluids are specified for use by Steam Turbine OEMS. The latest edition of NFPA 850 Recommended Practice for Fire Protection for Electric Generating Plants was issued effective Jan 2010 and includes the Definition Fire Resistant Fluid: “A listed hydraulic fluid or lubricant that is difficult to ignite and does not sustain combustion due to its low heat of combustion”. Phosphate ester fluids satisfy this NFPA 850 definition, other type fluids do not. Fyrquel® fluids reduce risks of spray, lagging and pool fires when using petroleum based and other non self-extinguishing fluids. The fluids are optimally designed to protect from valve erosion, have non corrosive compatibility with all metals, have excellent lubricating properties for long pump life, are operationally stable for long fluid service life, maintain viscosity without shearing during service, have excellent air release and low chlorine contents. Other type fluids have 2-3 year limited service life. An advantage of phosphate ester fluids is that viscosity remains stable during service giving these fluids the longest service life.

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