Overview of PERTAMINA lubricants, PERTAMINA with more than 60 years of experience, are increasingly confident to commit to carrying out their business activities in a professional manner and establish cooperation with many oil distributors to be able to distribute lubricants as a whole, especially in collaboration with PT. MULTIDAYA PRIMA LESTARI. PERTAMINA is oriented to the interests of customers, which is also a matter of Pertamina's commitment, so that it can play a role in providing added value to the progress and welfare of the Indonesian people.

PERTAMINA continues to be the leading as Indonesian original lubricating oil, the need for lubricants is currently increasing and we are developing oil for the industrial, automotive and food grade lubricants we are very ready to meet the needs of customers and producers in Indonesia, all types of lubricating oil applications we have include Diesel Engine Oil, Transmission Oil, Gear Oil, Compressor Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Circulating & Bearing, Heat Transfer Oil, Slideway Oil, Turbine Oil, Transformer Oil, Metal Working Fluid, Synthetic Oil, Corrosion Preventive, Wire Rope , Specialties Oil (Food Grade Product).

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