BP Energear Axle 80W90 GL-5 ( Multigrade Gear Oil )
BP Energear Axle 80W90 GL-5 ( Multigrade Gear Oil )
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21 Feb 2019
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Specification of BP Energear Axle 80W90 GL-5 ( Multigrade Gear Oil )

Transmission Oil, Sell BP Energear Axle 80W90 - Multigrade Gear Oil Drum and Pail Packaging - PT. Multidaya Prima Lestari is an industrial oil distributor and agent for BP Remsi oil in Jakarta selling various types of lubricants, both oil and grease for industrial and automotive needs. Specifications of BP Energear Axle 80W90:

Sell ​​BP Energear Axle 80W90 Oil - Multigrade Gear Oil
Performance, Features & Benefits
BP Energear Axle 80W-90 is recommended dual gear oil for differential, transaxle and transmission of Passenger Cars, LCVs and
medium load trucks that require API GL-5 oil.
High load carrying capability ensures that gears operating under high loads are protected, thus extending component life.
Good low temperature. fluidity provides an increase in differential operation in cold conditions compared to monograde 90
BP Energear Axle 80W-90
Density @ 15C, Relatively ASTM D4052 g / ml 0.89
Visual Display - Bright & Clear
Viscosity, Kinematic 100C ASTM D445 mm² / s 14.2
Pour Point ASTM D97 ° C -33

Sell ​​BP Energear Axle 80W90 Oil - PT. Multidaya Prima Lestari is an Industrial Oil Distributor that also serves as a BP (British Petroleum) oil supplier in Jakarta, industrial lubricants for BP brands and several other brands such as EXXON MOBIL, CASTROL, TOTAL, AGIP ENI, GULF, SHELL, PERTAMINA, WOLF GREASE ROCOL, CPI, XAERUS, FYRQUEL, VALVOLINE, KUNLUN. For the needs of industrial oil lubricants both pail or drum packaging from BP lubricants we are ready to support the procurement of goods and quality assurance for these brands to various regions in INDONESIA. Specifically for the JABODETABEK region we will send it automatically. In addition to selling BP Energear Axle 80W90 Oil we also sell various types of lubricants by machine category and applications including: Sell Diesel Engine Oil, Sell Oli Transmission, Sell Oli Gardan / Gear, Sell Oli Kompresor, Jual Oli Hidrolik, Sell Circulating & Bearing Oil, Sell Heat Transfer oil, Sell Slideway Oli, Sell Turbine Oil, Sell Transformer Oil, Sell Working Metal Oil, Sell Synthetic Oil, Corrosion Preventive, Wire Rope, Specialties Selling Food Grade Oil.

Product Description:
1. Pail @ 20 Liters & Drum @ 209 Liters
2. We Include Goods Authenticity Letter: COA & MSDS
3. Prices listed are very flexible (according to the quantity needed)
4. Delivery fee for JABODETABEK area
5. Payments can be made at the place after the goods arrive and are delivered by our driver. (Purchase Order)

For Product and Order Info Contact: Sell BP Energear Axle 80W90 Oil, Sell BP Energear Axle Oil 85W-140

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Email: info@multidayaprima.com | pt.multidayaprimalestari@gmail.com

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