Castrol Alphasyn GS 150 / 220 / 320 / 460 / 680 (Synthetic Gear Oils)
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Last Updated
22 Jan 2020
Minimum Order
1 Kilogram

Specification of Castrol Alphasyn GS 150 / 220 / 320 / 460 / 680 (Synthetic Gear Oils)

axle oil, turbine oil, industrial oil - Sell Castrol Alphasyn ™ GS Drum packaging = 208L or Pail = 20L- PT. Multidaya Prima Lestari is a distributor of Industrial oil in Jakarta and also as a supplier can meet the needs of Lubricating Oil for all sectors of industry, automotive, food and beverage, and marine.

Castrol Alphasyn ™ GS is a fully synthetic gear lubricant based on a carefully chosen polyglycol liquid and contains antioxidant additives, rust inhibitors and EP of high thermal stability.

Castrol Alphasyn GS inherently has superior properties relative to mineral lubricants, therefore this value is very suitable for lubrication of high temperature gear and bearings, especially in large scale factories and borrowers. In worm gears operating with mineral oil at low speed and high torque, boundary lubrication conditions tend to outperform pitting and consequently are fast using bronze worm wheels. Fatty oils (also known as compound oils) are found to be effective in reducing pitting, but suffer from rapid oxidation at high temperatures. Alphasyn GSgrades is suitable for this application and also allows extended drying and replacement intervals. Some manufacturers employ them for lifetime filler lubricants.

PT. Multidaya Prima Lestari is an Industrial Oil Distributor and also a supplier of industrial lubricants for Castrol Oil trademarks and several other brands such as SHELL, EXXON CAR, TOTAL, AGIP ENI, GULF, BP, PERTAMINA, WOLFGREASE ROCOL, CPI, XAERUS, FYRQUEL, VALVOLINE , KUNLUN, for the needs of industrial oil lubricants both pail or drum packaging from Mobil Oil lubricants we are ready to support the procurement of goods and quality assurance for these brands to various regions in INDONESIA. Especially for the Greater Jakarta area we will send it for free. In addition to selling Castrol Perfecto XPG, we also sell various types of lubricants based on engine category and applications, among them Selling Diesel Engine Oil, Transmission Oil, Gear Oil, Compressor Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Circulating & Bearing, Heat Transfer Oil, Slideway Oil, Turbine Oil, Transformers Oil, Metal Working Fluid, Synthetic Oil, Corrosion Preventive, Wire Rope, Specialty Oil (Food Grade Product).

Product Description:
1. Pail Packaging @ 20 Liter & Drum @ 208 Liter
2. We Include Certificate of Authenticity of Goods: COA & MSDS
3. The prices listed are very flexible (according to quantity requirements)
4. Free shipping for JABODETABEK area
5. Payment can be made on the spot (cash on delivery) after the goods arrive and are delivered by our driver.

For Product Info and Reservations Contact:

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Email: info@multidayaprima.com | pt.multidayaprimalestari@gmail.com

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

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