MOBILTHERM 603 / 605 ( Heat Transfer Oils )
MOBILTHERM 603 / 605 ( Heat Transfer Oils )
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02 Sep 2020
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Specification of MOBILTHERM 603 / 605 ( Heat Transfer Oils )

Industrial Oil - Sell MOBILTHERM 603/605 Oil - Drum & Pail Packaging Specifications from MOBILTHERM 603/605 - PT. Multidaya Prima Lestari is an industrial Car Oil Distributor that can meet the needs of lubricants for all applications and types of your engine.

Sell ​​MOBILTHERM Oil 603 / 605- Perfromance, Features & Benefits:

MOBILTHERM 603/605 is a high performance product intended for use in indirect closed heating installations. They are formulated from a very fine base material that is resistant to thermal cracking and chemical oxidation. They have good heat transfer efficiency and their viscosity is such that they can be easily pumped at the initial and operating temperatures.

Mobiltherm oils are an essential part of the Mobil brand specialty fluids that have earned a reputation for their performance and reliability, even in tough applications.

Application Considerations: Mobiltherm heat transfer oils should not be mixed with other oils as they can damage the excellent thermal and oxidation stability of Mobiltherm oils, cause changes to other properties.

PT. Multidaya Prima Lestari is a Distributor of ExxonMobil Industri Oil which is also a supplier of industrial oil for several well-known brands and brands, industrial lubricants for the Castrol trademark and several other brands such as CASTROL, SHELL, TOTAL, AGIP ENI, GULF, BP, PERTAMINA, WOLF GREASE ROCOL , CPI, XAERUS, FYRQUEL, VALVOLINE, KUNLUN, for the needs of industrial oil lubricants, both pail or drum packaging from ExxonMobil lubricants, we are ready to support the procurement of goods and quality assurance for these brands to various regions in INDONESIA. Especially for the JABODETABEK area, we will send it freely.

Product Descriptions:
1. Pail packaging contains 20 Liter / Drum (209) Liter (Original Packing)
2. We Include Certificate of Authenticity of Goods: COA & MSDS
2. Prices listed are very flexible (according to the quantity needed)
3. Free delivery for the JABODETABEK area
4. Payment can be made on site after the goods arrive and are delivered by our driver. ( cash on delivery )

For Product and Order Info Contact: Sell MOBILTHERM 603/605 Oil

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Email: info@multidayaprima.com | pt.multidayaprimalestari@gmail.com

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