Shell Gadus S2 V460A 2 ( Grease )

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03 Jul 2023
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Grease, Industrial Oil - Selling Shell Gadus S2 V460A 2 (Grease) Drum packaging = 180KG or Pail = 18KG - PT. Multidaya Prima Lestari is as an Industrial Oil Distributor in Jakarta and also as a supplier can meet the needs of Lubricating Oil for all sectors of Industrial, Power Plant, Power Plant, Food and Beverage, Automotive and Marine.

Shell Gadus S2 V460A 2 (Grease) Performance, Features & Benefits:
1. Cost Savings: Reducing oil consumption versus high quality Lithium oil, due to excellent adhesion, better towing & vibration resistance resulting from Shell's in-house formulation & manufacturing expertise. Lower waste oil disposal costs resulting from lower use. Lower maintenance costs due to the prolonged bearing operation which is possible when high quality, superior products are used. Lower total labor costs, due to extended lubrication intervals & fewer downtime resulting from the use of superior performance products.
2. Peace of Mind: Knowledge that Shell is in FULL control of Research & Development to produce & guarantee quality at approved QS and ISO plants, which are often audited and passed by quality-conscious customers. Availability of Shell expertise, to help develop cost savings available from a variety of Shell products safely.
3. Proven products that have proven to work in a variety of field applications, giving them the pedigree expected from the largest Grease marketer in the world: the Shell brand that guarantees professional standards & guarantees a backup no matter what the lubrication is.
4. Convenience: One supplier for all requirements, reducing time wasted on calls to many suppliers, simplifying the way things work. Guaranteed for proper lubrication for equipment around the world, this product is part of the International Sea Shells product range, which can be found worldwide. Availability wherever needed, National & International (Shell now markets lubricants in more than 100 countries).

Product Description:
1. Packaging Pail @ 18 Kg & Drum @ 180 Kg
2. We Include Certificate of Authenticity of Goods: COA & MSDS
3. The prices listed are very flexible (according to the quantity needs)
4. Free Shipping for the JABODETABEK area
5. Payment can be made on the spot (cash on delivery) after the goods arrive and are delivered by our driver.
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